Who We Are


At Guilford Green Foundation, we strive for a day when every individual is accepted and valued for who they are.
Although we concentrate our efforts on the LGBTQ community, we believe in the intrinsic dignity and rights of every individual. We believe in people’s rights to feel safe, healthy, respected and included, from teens who are kicked out of their homes for questioning their gender to the elderly who struggle to find services that include their partners. And we work towards securing those rights every day.

We are focused on a local level, on addressing the needs of our own unique community.
Based in Greensboro, NC, we serve the greater Guilford County population and promote diversity and inclusiveness across the individual communities that make up the area. We examine the intersectional needs and issues unique to a diverse Southern city that is a dot of blue in a sea of red.

We are focused on results, in the numbers and in the lives of area residents.
At the heart of our mission is a desire to create positive changes in our community. So we carefully monitor the results of our investments, both those made directly and through our Grant Program. But we know that numbers are only half of the story. We also assess the intangible differences that our programs make for people.

We are in it for the long haul.
Guilford Green Foundation has been serving the community for over 20 years. And we see many more years in our future. Change isn’t easy or comfortable or fast, so as long as the LGBTQ community and its individuals need support, services and advocacy, we will be here.

Our Mission Statement

GGF creates unity through programming and philanthropy that advances equality and inclusion for LGBTQ communities.

Our Vision

We envision a Greater Greensboro with a thriving LGBTQ community that elevates all.

It is the mission of the organization to promote diversity and inclusiveness throughout the gay and lesbian community and the greater Guilford County community by raising and distributing funds for qualified gay and lesbian organizations and programs and growing an endowment to sustain funding for these purposes.

Guilford Green Foundation seeks to courageously unite community by fostering organizations that advance LGBTQ persons and issues.