Lucy Acosta
Development Manager

Lucy Acosta (she/her) is the Development Manager for Guilford Green Foundation & LGBTQ Center. Lucy works with donors, businesses, and corporate sponsors to ensure that our work is well-funded.

She is a first-generation American raised in North Carolina by parents who emigrated from Guatemala. She is passionate about working for the LGBTQ community because she wants to be a part of building a more inclusive and loving world for all. She believes in the importance of addressing the issues that face our community and taking active steps to change.

The East Carolina University grad comes to the Guilford Green Foundation & LGBTQ Center with experience in fundraising, community outreach, event planning, marketing, and communications for nonprofits serving at-risk youth and veterans.

Lucy says the work GGF is doing is “uplifting.” “It’s a gift to be able to use your skillset to help the community and be a storyteller”, she says. “I get to create community relationships.”

Lucy holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and journalism from East Carolina University. Outside of work, Lucy enjoys hiking, Pirate football, her favorite band Widespread Panic, and eating at local restaurants.


Kiara Hickman
Program Manager

Kiara Hickman (they/them) is the Program Manager for Guilford Green Foundation & LGBTQ Center. They work to develop and implement programs that support, uplift, and represent the diversity of our community.

Growing up close to their school guidance counselor grandmother in Spanish Harlem, Kiara was drawn to social work. “I take my social work cap everywhere I go. Upholding ethical values in human interactions is huge,” they say. “If we are here having meetings about how to support and uplift a community and not a single person who is in that community is present, are we working with the community, or are we doing to the community? That is something I am big on – working with instead of doing to – to dismantle oppressive structures that have been in place for so long. I want to liberate all of us.”

Kiara believes in advancing the values of human rights and social justice through research, human connection, and community empowerment. Kiara is passionate about working for the LGBTQ community because they want to play a key role in the liberation of the LGBTQ folk, a well as provide a sense of Queer belonging in the greater Greensboro area.

Kiara holds a BSW in Social Work with a concentration in School Social Work from UNC Greensboro. Outside of work, they enjoy making natural hair and skincare products, doing DIY projects, and trying new recipes with friends!