Carmen Allen

Carmen is a Bank Manager with PNC Bank. She is active with their LGBTQ Diversity training and policy. PNC has been an active supporter/sponsor of GGF.

She believes the focus of GGF aligns with her own, and that diversity and inclusion in our community is crucial. She would like to be more involved so she could be an advocate for our organization. Her interest areas are in Event Management and Community Relations and Engagement.

Barbara Lawrence

Barbara is an African American Studies Associate Professor of Justice and Policy Studies and Associate Academic Dean at Guilford College.

Barbara has a wide range of expertise. She is a former NYC police officer, where she worked with youth through a community-run center. She then attended Indiana Law School and went to work as both a prosecutor and district attorney before working at Guilford. She has been active in the Greensboro community regarding community relations and police accountability. She has a passion for working with youth and at-risk populations.

She is interested in many areas, including Event Management, Fundraising, Community Relations and Engagement, and Project Management.

Rob Overman

Rob is an Assistant Director of Student Affairs at Guilford College. He is a Greensboro native with a broad range of contacts and relationships that would be helpful in a number of areas, such as fundraising, community outreach, marketing, and networking.

His professional experience will lend itself well with the mission of GGF. For the past seven years he has worked in Student Affairs at Guilford College. This position has given him vast experience in conflict resolution management, project development, interpersonal communication, grant management, special event coordination, counseling and problem solving, and volunteer management. He has worked closely with both traditional-aged and adult college students. He feels that all of these are qualities that would positively impact his participation on the board, especially when considering the goal of GGF to move towards more specific community programming and the possibility of an LGBT center.

He is interested in Community Relations and Engagement, Fundraising, and Marketing and Events Management.