How We Measure Results

How We Measure Results

Guilford Green Foundation measures the results of our programs in a variety of ways. We are committed to being a good steward of the time, money and resources placed in our hands.

For fundraising campaigns and events, we measure the number of people we reached and the amount of money we raised. Those are very clear indicators of success.

For our Grant Program, we work with individual grantees to define the overall results we hope to achieve and the data needed to measure those results. For example, in 2015, we granted $2,500 to Guilford College’s Bayard Rustin Conference, which used the money to hold its fifth annual Leadership/Activism Conference for LGBTQ people of color. The results were measured in the number of attendees, since those people will have a positive effect on our community now and in the future. There was also the intangible benefit of reaching a part of our community that is often under-represented.

For our Programs, we will often measure the number of attendees as well as the amount of engagement on social media, but other measurements may be available based on the program.

Lastly, we measure overall engagement with GGF via standard website metrics and social engagement, along with the anecdotal feedback we receive from the community.


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