Dear Guilford Green Supporter,

The Guilford Green Foundation (GGF) has established a long-standing tradition of fundraising and philanthropy focused on addressing the needs of LGBTQ individuals.  From our earliest beginnings, raising $10,000 for Triad Health Project, we have continued to demonstrate a commitment to the Triad community.  As a valued supporter, you have played an important role in this legacy.  And for that, we are grateful.

Over the past few months, GGF’s Board of Directors has been assessing our model of fundraising and program support. As a result, we have decided to take a more active role in identifying and delivering programming to our community.  This decision will result in modifications to our granting and partnerships in the following ways.

1. Adjusting the Granting Process

We will reduce the number of grants provided by our organization, but will increase the amount awarded per grant. GGF will work to develop a strategy for identifying key areas of need and then focus larger fund amounts to ensure those areas are addressed.

2. Identifying Strategic Partnerships for Programs and Services

We will identify organizations that already offer valued programs and services to our community and will partner with them to market and promote those programs for the benefit of our community.

3. Developing Programs Hosted in an LGBTQ / Diversity Center

We have decided to become a leader in facilitating the delivery of programming to address the needs of the local LGBTQ community.  In the coming months, the GGF Board of Directors will work with local community partners to identify programming priorities.  We will then create a plan to prioritize, develop, and deliver this programming, while working to establish an LGBTQ / Diversity Center to host these programs and services.

We are currently in the process of hiring an Executive Director whose responsibilities will include executing this exciting new vision for GGF.  We will also begin engagement with representatives from a wide range of local organizations and groups, partnering to identify the programs and services that should be hosted in the new Center.

As a supporter and friend of our organization, we hope you will join us on this exciting journey and become part of a legacy that will benefit many in our community.


Melissa Greer, Board Co-Chair
Jeff Smith, Board Co-Chair

* For questions, please contact our office at 336-790-8419 or