The Guilford Green Foundation Endowment Fund, held and managed by the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, will provide permanent resources to secure the rights, meet the needs, and celebrate the lives of LGBTQ people—forever. The endowment fund will help strengthen our movement, provide steady support through inevitable economic and political changes, allow GGF to respond immediately to critical needs and ensure that we can address needs and threats that we can’t predict today.

Your gift to our endowment fund is a permanent gift to the future. Income from the fund, created through hundreds of acts of generosity, will support our community year in and year out.  One by one, couple by couple, family by family, we and our allies can create the means to touch countless lives and create a positive impact throughout the community.

Please consider making a contribution to the GGF Endowment Fund today. For more information or to donate, contact us at or 336-790-8419.